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Step 5. Professional Painting or Staining

As an added customer services we also offer gutter cleaning, paver cleaning and sealing, driveway cleaning, gutter removal and gutter cleaning. Our sales and design staff will work with you to customize any project to meet your needs. Color Consultations are available and are FREE with any awarded job! Our team works directly with you or your team to come to the best solution for your residential or commercial needs.

North Pointe Painting is a top Rated, Local Painting company supplying all your Exterior Painting Needs. If you need Exterior Painting for your Home or Business this year Call Us for a FREE No Obligation Quote!  We are happy to work within your budget and offer discounts to our local customers. 248-366-9900 

We believe in getting the job done right, the first time. Every exterior surface will be cleaned of dirt and debris prior to commencement of work.  All surfaces are cleaned with TSP cleaning solutions (bio-degradable phosphate free or equivalent) and will be introduced either through brush agitation or high pressure injection. ​In some instances removing the existing paint and/or stain may be required in which case we use only top of the line strippers in order to remove whatever layers your surface and start anew.

Should you decide to have your Rotten Wood Trim or Siding replaced by North Pointe Painting & Carpentry you can rest assured you will receive a top notch job. All Carpenters are in house and have been working with wood for over 20 years. Most carpentry employees have been with our company over 10-15 years. We don't train on the go... We completely stand behind our work and go above and beyond to make sure you are protected before we begin painting your home. North Pointe Painting & Carpentry is Fully licensed and insured.  

​Existing loose or flaking paint will be scraped and sanded to a sound surface. Accumulations of rust on metal surfaces will be removed by sanding or other means as necessary. All cracks in wood trim and holes caused by insects and vermin will be filled with an exterior grade crack filler or spackle, then smoothed and sanded prior to painting. Open joints, seams and poorly caulked areas and areas where caulking has shrunk or deteriorated will be cleaned free of old caulking and a new 45 year + siliconized latex caulk will be applied.​

Step 1. Power Washing (High Pressure Wash)

Step 2. Wood Inspection

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Step 3. Wood Replacement (If Necessary)

Step 4. Precision Prep

Our Standards are High for your home or business and yours should be too! We inspect every Exterior Painting Job for rotten wood trim or siding along with broken, missing trim or siding and areas where vermin or insects may have infiltrated after power washing. We then offer you the option to have these areas removed and replaced prior to painting from our Carpentry Division within our company. 

​We have been painting since 1993, that means we have over 20 years Experience and Knowledge in the Painting industry. All of our painters are in house and closely overseen by our administrative staff. We have what it takes to insure a highly professional outcome every time. But don't trust us! Trust our customers! CLICK HERE FOR REVIEWS We utilize drop cloths to protect all adjacent surfaces and are instantaneous to clean up any drips or paint spills. We are fully insured with carrying year round Liability and Works Compensation Insurances. All of our work is warrantied for a minimum of (2) years with extended warranty options available. We use top quality paints by Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and PPG and the best practices to ensure your paint job lasts! So don't delay! Reach out to North Pointe Painting Today!

Exterior Painting, Staining & Repair Services we offer: 

~ Professional Quality Exterior Painting

~ Professional Quality Exterior Staining

~ Power Washing (High Pressure Washing)
~ Carpentry Repairs (Trim, Siding and Decks)

~ Siding Restoration and Siding Installation  

~ Deck Repairs, ReBuilding, Cleaning and Staining
~ Color Consultations 

~ Hire a Painter for the Day! & More! Inquire Within!